Tuesday 24 March 2015

L'oreal Color Riche Matte 228 'VIP'

This lipstick is my new favourite, it's the perfect coral-red matte colour that I have been looking for.

At £6.99 each, I think the L'oreal lipsticks are brilliant. Some people have commented on the smell of these lipsticks, as they have a very sweet smell. For me, it's not a scent I love- but it's not too offensive and the product itself is worth getting past the sherbet smell!

The texture on application is really creamy, an opaque effect with a strong, bold colour. I would like to find a lipliner that matched this lipstick, as it's so bold it can be tricky to apply perfectly. I prefer to have a lip liner with a lipstick as it just feels neater.

One thing I noticed was the amount transferring onto your teeth was really small. I find with some other lipsticks, that five minutes after application it's all over your teeth!

I applied this product at around 7am for work, and it stained my lips leaving the bright bold matte colour on all day. Admittedly, it did wear and by around 2pm it needed re-application as close up you could see it had worn away and left a stain. However this was after eating breakfast and lunch, so it was pretty impressive. 

Most of my long-lasting lipsticks are by MAC, so I am really pleased to have found a more affordable range of lipsticks that I love. 

I purchased this lipstick in Boots, I can't seem to find it anywhere online at all. However, it was part of their new range so it may not be online yet- it is definitely available in store!

I also purchased some other shades, so I am looking forward to reviewing those next!

jessica d x

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